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    This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 02 February, 2014.

    Chivas Regal 18Y Limited Edition by Christian Lacroix Whisky 750ml 40%vol

    Price:  $850.99

    Iconic international luxury brands Christian Lacroix and Chivas Regal have extended their exclusive partnership, unveiling Chivas 18 Year Old byChristianLacroix today. Sacha Walckhoff, Creative Director of ChristianLacroix Following the success of the award-winning Chivas 12 Year Old Magnum by Christian Lacroix last year, the world’s luxury whisky and the French fashion house have produced yet another striking collaboration, with detail and style that could only result from the marriage of such celebrated luxury brands. With flamboyant creativity, innovation and in true Lacroix style, Christian Lacroix has brought haute couture to Scotch whisky with the bejeweled Chivas 18 Year Old bottle, presented in a mirrored treasure box. The audacious design perfectly matches elements of style and regality with the premium Scotch whisky it beholds. Sacha Walckhoff, Creative Director of Christian Lacroix, said “By creating this gold stamped and embroidered Chivas18 Year Old bottle nestled in her precious brocade box, we wanted, once again, to convey the spirit of chivalry that is dear to both of our brands, while always keeping the quintessence of luxury and exuberance inherent to the House of Christian Lacroix.” Chivas Regal 18 Year Old by Christian Lacroix will be released as a limited edition with only 3,000 bottles available internationally.